Founded by one of Australia's most prolific dancers and choreographers and located in the central business area of Castle Hill, NSW Australia, Jess.T brings together a phenomenal group of educators who are among the best in their own fields, and sets a new bar for performing arts, acrobatics, fitness and theatrical productions in the Hills district.

#TheProgram offers a "one on one" approach to learning providing students with well rounded, professional training in all aspects of performing arts. There is a strong emphasis on artistry, individuality and performance as well as strength, technique and personal development. 

Offering extraordinary opportunities that go above and beyond weekly classes and lessons, your involvement with Jess.T will propel you to the next level of excellence you've always dreamed of.

Looking for exceptional training in performing arts?

The Jess.T Performing Arts Program offers you training and opportunities that are specifically designed to take you to that level that you've always dreamed of.

Want more than a regular gym membership?

The Jess.T Fitness Program is tailored for intensity and engagement, ensuring that you get the best results through a variety of styles and classes, every time.

Looking for a different kind of entertainment?

The Jess.T Productions offer audiences of Sydney a unique and fresh theatrical experience, showcasing some of the best talents from Sydney and beyond.

Keen to experience a fast-tracked career in film and TV?

The Jess.T Film & TV program is your exclusive ticket to work with the best in the industry and be equipped to shine on film and TV.