JESS.T Does film and TV!

In our new two hour classes you will be in front of the camera and you will film a scene every week!

This is a  ‘learning by doing’ approach. In every class you will learn through improvisations, games, voice work, acting exercises and the art of listening and reacting. You’ll learn how this will lead to an honest and rich performance.

While learning your craft you will also be getting valuable realistic ‘on camera’ and ‘on set’ experience with lighting, sound and camera equipment.

You will learn the terminology, culture of a film set; what is expected of an actor: kid, teen or adult the moment you walk onto a set and what is required in an audition before-hand to get you there.

You will learn how to analyse and break down a script, make strong character choices, prepare for a scene (or audition) and put it all together with confidence to then walk on set totally prepared. We capture the performances and every week look back at them. So you are able to learn from your work with immediate feedback. The scenes we work on are from actual television shows or films laid out just as you would get them from the casting agent.

So if you’ve always wanted to try acting, or have had drama training and now want ‘on camera’ experience or have started your TV career and are ready to take it to the next level, this course will prepare you to work in film and television while having lots of fun.



4pm-6pm (9 years and under) - Some vacancies


4pm-6pm (10-12 years)- some vacancies

6pm-8pm (13 years- Adult)- Some vacancies

Strictly limited spots!