HSC Dance

External Preliminary and HSC Dance Program

Jess.T Performing Arts Program offers an external Preliminary and Higher School Certificate Dance Program. If a student’s school is unable to offer a subject such as the 2 Unit Dance Course, they have an opportunity to study their desired course externally through correspondence. 

Jess.T Performing Arts provides the opportunity to study the 2 Unit Dance Course under the guidance of teacher Jackie Hicks (B.Ed Human Movement – Honours and Graduate Certificate Dance Education). Jackie has taught the HSC Dance course in state and private schools across the Sydney metropolitan region since 1992. Class time is flexible and will be set at the beginning of the course according to the students' availability.

Programming, attendance and examination progress is subject to continual communication with the student’s parents/carers, School (Principal, Year Advisor and Curriculum Support Advisor), Board of Studies and the Department of Education.